The pharmaceutical industry in America: it’s that special kind of topic whose very introduction into a conversation has bystanders ready to draw an opinion from their holster like a cowboy with a six-shooter. In other words, it’s a topic of discussion you’re discouraged from bringing up in social situations.

But at TEDxNavesink: Accelerators, Mitchell Delmar intends to change that. In his talk, titled “Sanctioned Addiction,” Mitchell will detail what he describes as “the explosion of narcotics addiction, primarily fueled by legally prescribed painkillers and massive, federally sanctioned production increases.”

With such provocative subject matter, one might wonder what his agenda is. But if you’re looking for an ulterior motive, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. “My only objective is to inform others about the true extent and origins of the narcotic addiction epidemic and hopefully impart some understanding of the addicted.” It’s a noble aim from which Mitchell refuses to deviate.

Unfortunately, the perspective he intends to share can only be gained through the experience of seeing addiction up close. “My personal observation stems from family involvement and suffering,” he says, “so I am familiar with the face of addiction.” It’s a harsh reality that Mitchell hopes inspires others to view the narcotic epidemic in a new light.

“I intend to challenge people’s perceptions of the addict population, describe the aggressive marketing by pharmaceutical companies and discuss the various medical and governmental entities complicit in this epidemic.” But even more than that, says Mitchell, “I hope to offer a way forward.”

“Sanctioned Addiction” will change the way you view the pharmaceutical industry in America. Whether you subscribe or object to the status quo of prescription drug usage in America today, Mitchell Delmar will make sure attendees experience a perspective that, far too often, goes untold.

When finally asked what he hopes audience members take away from his talk, Mitchell is blunt: “Alarm and indignation.”

To experience Mitchell Delmar’s talk on April 11, click here and purchase your ticket to TEDxNavesink today. Seats are filling up fast, so don’t wait!

Tom Adams_HeadshotTom received his B.S. in Marketing from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, graduating with magna cum laude distinction. Upon graduation, he began a career in Healthcare Marketing, where he remains today. Considering himself a perpetual student of life, Tom enjoys reading books on personal development, engaging in political discussion, and spending time with family and friends.