Ten Reasons Why TEDxAsburyPark Tickets Make Great Gifts

The holiday season is here! And, if you’re like us, we like to wow our loved ones with the best we’ve got. If you haven’t scored tickets for TEDxAsburyPark for your special someone yet, what are you waiting for?

TEDxAsburyPark PASSION will be held on Saturday, May 19th, 2018 at the Paramount Theatre. This will be the event’s sixth year – and it just keeps getting better. So, why do TEDxAsburyPark tickets make a great gift? We’ve got 10 reasons for you!


  1. Intellectual Stimulation

It’s good for your brain health! Studies show that challenging your brain and learning something new helps to create new neural pathways that make your brain more versatile.


  1. Dinner and a Show

Enjoy all Asbury Park has to offer! Grab dinner at one of the top local spots after the event.


  1. Date Night for Parents

Moms and Dads deserve to take a break and have some fun too.


  1. Stocking Stuffer

Not only do TEDxAsburyPark tickets fit perfectly into a stocking, but they also add some flair to the typical chocolates, knick knacks, and travel-size toiletries that often fill them.


  1.    Support Local

In addition to dining out, you can also help out the local Asbury Park community by supporting our local doers, thinkers, artists, and idea-spreaders.


  1. Fun Activity with Friends

Wow your friends with this idea! Spend the day together expanding your brains. Warning: This is so much cooler than your average girl’s night out.


  1. Inspiration

Everyone knows that inspiration runs high at the beginning of a new year. However, studies show that come March and April, motivation to keep working towards our New Year’s resolutions has hit a plateau. So by the time May comes around, we’re desperate for something to keep us inspired. Luckily, you can look to TEDxAsburyPark for ideas worth spreading.


  1. Because there’s booze

Remember that fun activity you were doing with your friends? Or that awesome date your parents were having? Yeah, there’s wine, too.


  1. Something to Look Forward to

Help shake away the post-holiday winter blues. Anticipation is exciting. Mark your calendars! Count down the days! Spring is on its way! This is going to be an awesome event.


  1. You can buy select tickets now through January 2nd for $15 off!

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Don’t miss the opportunity to start your summer in Asbury Park early and attend one of the top-rated TEDx events in the region!  Visit TEDxAsburyPark.com for additional details.