Open Mic Auditions on Nov. 16th

Spaces available for the chance to be featured at the main event in May 2018 Do you have an idea worth spreading? Do you like hearing worthy ideas? If so, TEDxAsburyPark wants to hear from you. TEDxAsburyPark is hosting an Open Mic audition at the Paramount Theatre on November 16th. Speakers must apply to perform […]

2018 Theme Announcement: “PASSION”

Passion drives ideas, people, and communities to action. Passion makes leaders. Passion combined with knowledge creates new ideas worth spreading. Passion can lead both to creation and destruction, to inspiration, suffering, grit, compassion, and extraordinary service. TEDxAsburyPark discovers and curates 25 artists and speakers who will share their passion stories on the famed Paramount Theatre […]

Avery Rose Puryear: Sounds that InspireAvery Rose

It seems like Avery Rose Puryear was born to make music. She comes from a musical family and developed her love for the art from her father, who is a bass guitarist. At just three years old, Avery began playing her grandfather’s upright piano, which she has mastered over the years. Along the way, she’s […]

Jean Malpas: The Gender RevolutionJean

By Jane Lai Jean Malpas, a psychotherapist who works with transgender kids and their families. He says parents are bumping into novel challenges as their kids explore “gender expansiveness.” As society is becoming more welcoming of diverse gender identities, kids are becoming more vocal about gender expression. As director of the Gender Family Project and […]

Justin Kamine: More Than Food Waste

For Justin Kamine, co-founder and partner of KDC Agribusiness (Ag), he can look to his father for inspiration. Harold (Hal) Kamine is a serial entrepreneur, and Justin grew up with the mindset of continually trying to find new ideas and opportunities in which he could get involved. “My family and I take the approach for […]

TEDxNavesink is now TEDxAsburyParkAsbury Park Boardwalk

Asbury Park, N.J. (May 10, 2017) — TEDxNavesink, the largest and highest rated TEDx conference in the New York region, will change its identity to TEDxAsburyPark at its event on May 20. Fittingly, the theme of the conference, now in its fifth year, is “Identity.” Doors open at 8 a.m. with coffee, tea and snacks, […]

Jess Fong: Being a Hyphenated AmericanJess Fong

By Katalin Gyurián Toth How many of us have dealt with an existential crisis? So many of us are split between two or more versions of ourselves.  Jess Fong is an average Asian-American girl from central Jersey who is finding that maybe she doesn’t have to choose between her two cultural identities: American and Asian. Jess’s […]

Jasmin Singer: Compassion Unlocks IdentityJasmin

By Jane Lai “If we don’t question our assumptions, we won’t be able to grow,” said Jasmin Singer. A writer, feminist, and activist, Jasmin is the senior editor of VegNews Magazine as well as the co-host of Our Hen House, an award-winning podcast that works to mainstream the movement to end animal exploitation, which she […]

Carl Perino: Helping Youth Find Their IdentityCarl Perino

Carl Perino is a middle school principal, but he is so much more than his job title. The job comes with immense responsibilities. Students look at a principal as an authority figure or someone to fear. That’s not the case with Carl. He has been in the education field for 23 years working as a […]

17 Reasons You Can’t Miss TEDxNavesink Identity in Asbury ParkIdentity Asbury Park

TEDxNavesink IDENTITY is quickly approaching, and if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Seriously, this is one of the can’t-miss events every year in Monmouth County. Don’t believe us? Well, it’s consistently one of the highest-rated TEDx conferences in the region—and it’s one of the largest. And the fact that […]