John Werner: Augmenting Reality in Your LifeJohn Werner

By Lindsey Konkel Millennials love taking selfies—literally. A study found that the average Millennial will take upwards of 25,000 selfies in their lifetime. Gen Xers and Boomers aren’t far behind. When we selfie, we share important information about ourselves—what we care about, what we stand for. Yet there’s something kind of sad about a selfie. […]

Rob Van Varick: The Positive Effects of Design on IdentityRob Van Varick

By Katalin Gyurián Toth What comes to mind when you think of a wheelchair? Limitation? Disability? Aging? Lack of independence? Yet the wheelchair is accepted as an as-is solution—no one questions its design nor the universal symbol that it’s become. As a partner at Michael Graves Architecture and Design, Rob Van Varick believes that design […]

Mariah Fenton Gladis: Developing a Sacred Bond with YourselfMariah

By Katharine Eaton “A person’s relationship with themselves deeply impacts the rest of their life,” says Mariah Fenton Gladis. A renowned psychotherapist with over four decades of professional experience, she is the founder and clinical director of the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training, which emphasizes the development of awareness for healing and personal […]

Eric Burdge: Handcrafting Your Path to SuccessBurdge

Eric Burdge was never a fan of the traditional education system. It’s not that he doesn’t think it’s effective, he just doesn’t believe it’s for everyone. And it certainly wasn’t for him. Eric attended Rumson-Fair Haven High school and primarily took remedial classes throughout his time there. He was never interested in reading books or […]

Alexandra Lewis: Bringing Peace, Love and Equality Through PoetryAlexandra

By Vera Boateng Many parents try to shield their children from the harsh realities of the world that appear on the news. But in today’s age, with the prevalence of social media, there’s no way hide from the headlines, videos, and images of negativity in the world. And for some, those incidents happen right in […]

Can Grief Be Good? Joe Primo Explains How Joy and Sorrow IntersectPrimo

It’s been said that death is hardest on the living. The finality of death and the grief it leaves behind can tremendously affect people. Joe Primo knows this better than most. He is the CEO of Good Grief in Morristown and Princeton, an organization that serves hundreds of children and families after the death of […]

Jenan Matari: Embracing Your Identity

By Tommy Chung Jenan Matari is like a walking oxymoron. A 25-year-old Muslim feminist, Jenan knows that people hear those two terms and think they contradict each other. But they’re part of her identity and what makes her unique. She helps break down those stereotypes and misconceptions through media. Jenan is the co-founder and editor-in-chief […]

American Identity: John Sitilides on Origins, Legacy and DestinyJohn

By Katharine Eaton America plays a significant yet complex role in the world. That role is often misunderstood by America’s citizens, allies, as well as its adversaries, according to John Sitilides. A 30-year veteran of government affairs, John is an expert on global risk, geopolitical strategy, and national security issues. He notes that America’s culture […]

Patty Azzarello: Finding Success Through Unstructured Conversations

By Gabrielle Garofalo Not too many executives start their tenure by speaking one-on-one with the 100 employees they’ll lead. But that’s what Patty Azzarello did before entering a leadership role at Hewlett-Packard (HP). “The beauty of this approach is that people feel like their ideas have been honored and considered, so they are motivated to […]

Kory Stamper: Communicating Identity, Influencing Perception with WordsKory Stamper

By Katalin Gyurian Toth We are taught Standard English in school, but that doesn’t mean we all speak English the same way. “How we speak is one of the markers of our identity,” says Kory Stamper. A lexicographer for the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, she explains that our individual dialects are what keep the English language dynamic […]