TEDxAsburyPark: PASSION is our 6th event, and we’ve learned a great deal! While we’re all volunteers, we are a professional, dedicated team and take our jobs seriously. And we also take having fun together seriously.

Producing an event on the scale and of the quality of TEDxAsburyPark requires several thousand hours of volunteer effort from a team of 50+ people. Everyone has a specific, defined role (we’re big on responsibility). And of course, our fantastic volunteers also pitch in where and how they can if help is needed.

Interns are asked to work approximately five hours each week depending on their availability and course of study. The program allows qualified students to gain hands-on experience working with creative professionals and receive credit (150 hours of work for 3 credits). Interns are assigned to an experienced mentor manager and receive a written evaluation; successful interns receive recommendations and referrals.

If you have the drive, time and energy to commit to our internship program, we want to hear from you! Fill out the Internship Application and let us know how you can help. The more specific you can be, the better.

Open Positions

Partnership Team –  Develop business partnerships/sponsorships:  Sales; Promoter; and Support roles. Professionals with excellent communication and “sales” or customer relations skills to network in the community or provide administrative, onboarding support. Maintain records of contacts in Google Drive and CRM platform. Especially looking for Sales and Support roles.

Assistant WordPress and /or Assistant Web Developers –  Know his or her way around the inner workings of WordPress and has the ability to create custom apps or extensions to support our various marketing initiatives. Beyond WordPress, you may also be tasked with managing our customer databases, email marketing platforms, and other technologies used in supporting the event planning and execution. Responsible mainly for creating and updating website content.  

Experienced Videographers / Video Editors / Video Producers – Self-directed videojournalists to cover pre-events, post-events, and the TEDxNavesink conference. Know and understand video editing software and techniques. Must be able to deliver quick results. Works for the Technical Director and applicable Project Lead. This is a great opportunity for any videographer or video editor who wishes to promote their reel. TEDxNavesink events look and feel like TED events. 

Experienced Photographers / Photo Editors – Self-directed photojournalists to cover pre-events, post-events, and the TEDxNavesink conference. Know and understand photo editing software and techniques. Must be able to deliver quick results. This is a great opportunity for any photographer who wishes to promote their reel.  TEDxNavesink events look and feel like TED events.

Social Media Specialists – Create and publish engaging content on our various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Work with Blog Team to distribute blog posts, as well as work with greater Communications Team and marketing teams. In addition, work with others to help promote requested content.

Graphic Designer – Creates engaging, creative, and high quality graphics. Uses existing and new photographs as part of content. Maintains record of work in Google Drive and CRM platform. Works with Communication Team leads. Proficiency in Adobe InDesign preferred.

Public Relations Assistant – Writes and distributes press releases and assist with other marketing content. Contacts various media outlets for content publication. Helps field press and media inquiries to Communications & PR Director.