Akin Shoyoye

Akin Shoyoye


"It's Time We Build"

As global challenges become greater, so will the opportunity to be a part of the team that creates the solutions. This is especially so in the space of mobility and autonomous vehicles. In a time we need it most, collaboration and participation will be imperative to our collective success.


Akin Shoyoye is the co-founder of DriveAI, a research organization focused on developing open source software for autonomous vehicles so that anyone can build one. He is leading the effort behind fostering the DriveAI community, a collection of passionate creators unwilling to sit on the sidelines and ready to build out the world they want to see.

With a penchant for working in high-pressure environments, Akin’s life is a story of being involved with teams set out to accomplish insane goals in an unreasonable short amount of time.

Born in Nigeria and raised in Newark, Akin grew up as a can-do kid. That kid is now a man with the goal of rallying a community set out to explore the intersection of building technology and raw willpower.