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Anastasia Moiseeva, performing under the name “Zaritza”, is a singer, pianist and songwriter whose electro-pop/rock music combines modern digital soundscapes with dramatic, romantic elements from her Russian classical roots.

Zaritza’s music reflects her cultural journey from the rich classical traditions and austere rural life in her native Russia to the creative abundance and technical innovation of her adopted American homeland. Raised in a Ural Mountains village, Zaritza was a government-sponsored classical pianist throughout her youth. She began writing pop songs as a teenager, recording and performing them while attending university.

Tracing the footsteps of her idol, the great Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, Zaritza emigrated to New York and Monmouth County (a summer retreat for Rachmaninoff) to focus on her original music. She currently is producing new recordings and has performed at the Newport International Film Festival, the Rainbow Room, other regional venues and as an opener for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.