Anna Zhang

Anna Zhang


"Conquering My Fear of the Unknown"

We all have our comfort zones. Everything around that comfort zone is things we’ve never done or tried before. Our minds are dominated by the demons that fill us with negativity and doubt.

Anna realized that the desire she had to do something and try new things was much greater than her doubts, and because of that, she is able to ignore her fears and pursue her passions.


Anna Zhang is a 14 year-old photographer and editor-in-chief based in New York. When Anna isn’t out shooting concerts and talents, she is busy with schoolwork; Anna is currently a freshman at Horace Greeley High School. Outside of photography, Anna’s interests include music, tennis, and traveling. She specializes in the fields of travel, commercial, and live music photography. At such a young age, Anna has developed a unique eye and authentic style which has led her to work with many internationally renowned brands.

In addition, Anna is the founding editor in chief of Pulse Spikes, an online and quarterly print magazine created by young people for young people. The magazine covers the fields of lifestyle & fashion, travel, and entertainment. With a great passion and dedication to her work, she has inspired many other adolescents to pursue their individual dreams.