Annika Lorienne & Ravind Kumar

Annika Lorienne & Ravind Kumar

“Radio For an Empowered Generation”

“Connective listening” via social radio’s internet and mobile technology is reinventing radio for Millennial listeners by allowing global interactivity around music, news, and information. Annika Lorienne and Ravind Kumar of RadioFlag show how it catalyzes empowering radio to better entertain, educate, and enlighten people around the world.

Annika Lorienne is the co-founder and Director of Public Relations of RadioFlag, where she co-created the company’s “Connective Listening” concepts and organized other instrumental aspects of its development. She previously worked in the food and wine industry, helping launch various ventures, including Golden Vine Winery initiated by industry legend Robert Mondavi, in partnership with Disney’s California Adventure. Her unique background in hospitality, the healing arts, and equestrian enabled an expansion of business experiences, including operating and managing horse ranches, where she was also responsible for training, showing, and marketing.






Ravind Kumar

A former college radio DJ, Ravind Kumar is a founding team member and Director of Business Development of RadioFlag, where his primary role is station outreach and developing strategic partnerships. He also led the company’s College Advisory Board effort, a first of its kind. In addition, he is a business analyst on Wall Street.