Armand Ferranti

Armand Ferranti


"Invent the life you want"

I hope to show the world through a recent personal experience that inventing new ideas or even ways of thinking can make the life you want. You don’t need to physically construct something to invent an idea or process that would change the world. Making the effort to solve the problem is the first step, then tackling the next step is all you need to worry about.

Create a structure to evaluate the problem you are trying to solve and then learn everything you can about the subject. Ultimately the mistakes you make will guide you in the right direction.


Growing up in small town New Jersey, I spent my adolescence taking stuff apart and making things. I was constantly outside, building new ideas or tinkering with old ones. During high school I took interest in art, business, mechanics and science. I played a few seasonal sports but focused on getting my pilots license early on. After high school I left for flight school in South Carolina. I then moved to Florida to start an associates in business degree while simultaneously attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at night for my bachelors.

After a couple of years I moved back to New Jersey to attend an aircraft mechanics school, which ultimately resulted in a job building helicopters. From there I moved into a corporate position as an underwriter assessing aviation risks for an insurance company while pursuing my dreams in my free time.. Inventing.