Brian Reynolds

Brian Reynolds

“Race: Climate Change vs. Smart Money”

Too often the face of climate change is a hurricane or a water shortage but family budgets are experiencing climate’s cost incrementally in costs all across the economy. In this talk Brian Reynolds explores how businesses are accounting for climate’s costs as a matter of risk management. He gives the audience practical advice on how to talk about climate as threat to conservative business principles.

“TEDxNavesink was an all-consuming force in my life for the 90 days before the event. It was exhausting and well worth it! I couldn’t be happier with the event staff and in particular Vidar Brekke, who was the lead curator of my talk. Thank you TEDxNavesink for a great sold-out audience and an amazing experience.”


Brian Reynolds is executive director of Climate|Money|Policy, a sustainability consultancy which advises organizations on how they can de-leverage their climate risk and prepare for a climatically different world. His firm’s clients span non-profits to manufacturers to small island nations. When not busy with clients Brian travels the country visiting DC and Statehouses, lobbying legislators for aggressive, market-friendly action on climate change. You can find some of his writing on the intersection of climate, risk, and business at

Twitter: @BrianofNJ