Gary Mottola

Gary Mottola


"Making Asbury"

Asbury Park is a city with a rich but sometimes troubled history. The city has recently experienced a dramatic resurgence and, particularly over the past five years, has become a mecca for millennials (often being cited as the Williamsburg of New Jersey). Creative expression, artistic freedom, and a vibrant optimism have combined to make Asbury an exceptional and often unorthodox community – but one which still faces challenges as it aspires to become a truly great city. Where Asbury has come from, where it is now, and what may lie in its future is the unfinished story of a community being shaped by the passion and commitment of those who now call it their home.


Gary Mottola is the past president (and currently board member and senior executive) at Madison Marquette, a leading developer, owner and operator of creative commercial and mixed-use projects throughout the United States. He has led Madison’s efforts to revitalize the Asbury Park waterfront. Mr. Mottola has been active in real estate development for many years. His career also includes time as an attorney at a prominent international law firm, lecturer in constitutional law, co-owner of a major thoroughbred training facility, and restauranteur. He is presently a member of the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Hall of Fame, was a founding member of the board of a regional theater company in northern New Jersey, has a SAG card, and is active in efforts to stop animal abuse.