Helge Seetzen

Helge Seetzen


"Technology Transfer in the 21st Century"

Technology Transfer – the process of moving inventions into commercial products – is the critical driver of the knowledge economy of the 21st Century. And we are very bad at it. By any measure, tech transfer is operating at low efficiency in every step of the chain: university commercialization, seed stage technology investment and early stage startup growth each feature extremely low success rates – depriving our economy of much needed growth potential. This talk will review some of the underlying challenges of technology transfer and offer an alternative model with a proven track record of building growth companies around deep technology concepts.


Helge is an award-winning technologist, entrepreneur, and recognized global authority on technology transfer and display technologies. As General Partner of TandemLaunch, he works with inventors and entrepreneurs to build high growth technology companies. His past successes include the transformation of raw university IP into fully commercialized LED TV technology, including selling his last company – Brightside Technologies – to Dolby Laboratories after sealing partnerships with several of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. Helge holds over 60 patents in the fields of display, camera and video technology.