John Stepper

John Stepper


"Working Out Loud: The making of a movement"

Stories of successful movements and movement-builders can be daunting as well as inspiring. The path can look so straight and assured in hindsight. At the early stages, though, the process of building a movement is fraught with uncertainty and a wide range of everyday crises. How do you start? How do you deal with the uncertainty at the early stages?

This is a story of Working Out Loud. Its aim is to help millions of people build better careers and lives, but will it? Examining it closely in its early stages can help other aspiring movement-builders know what to do and what to avoid.


John helps people access a better career and life – and helps organizations create a more open, connected culture – by spreading the practice of Working Out Loud.

Working Out Loud is an approach to goals that helps you build relationships and learn, enabling you to better enjoy each day while gaining access to more possibilities. Think “Dale Carnegie meets the Internet.” Instead of playing career roulette, you invest in deepening relationships. Instead of networking to get something, you lead with generosity. You make your work visible and frame it as a contribution. Combined, these elements form a powerful approach to work and life.

The book Working Out Loud teaches people the approach, and a simple 12-week peer support process enables anyone to build a network toward a goal they care about. Working Out Loud circles are now in 13 countries and in organizations ranging from banks to manufacturing to telecommunications.


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