Mitchell Delmar

Mitchell Delmar

“Sanctioned Addiction”

Mitchell Delmar dedicated himself to understanding the forces behind the epidemic of narcotic addiction after discovering that his daughter had fallen into its trap. He tells the story of her struggle, at once extraordinary and all-too-ordinary, and discusses how aggressive marketing by pharmaceutical companies and federally approved production increases sparked a wildfire that continues to engulf families like his across the Jersey Shore and the country.

“Participating as a TEDx speaker was far more work than I bargained for, and as a result I derived far more satisfaction from the experience than I would have imagined. I set out to speak a truth, and hopefully make a difference in someone’s life. TEDx provided that opportunity and I will be forever grateful.”

Mitchell Delmar was a graphic designer in print media for 27 years before the internet changed, well, everything. Presently, he shuffles paper in a construction office to pay the bills, and writes about people, places and things whenever inspiration visits. He is the proud holder of rejection notices from some of the finest newspapers, magazines and literary quarterlies in the country, deriving great satisfaction in the knowledge that he stands in the company of history’s greats.

You may contact Mitchell Delmar directly at or follow him on Twitter @MitchellDelmar