Avery Rose Puryear: Sounds that InspireAvery Rose

It seems like Avery Rose Puryear was born to make music. She comes from a musical family and developed her love for the art from her father, who is a bass guitarist. At just three years old, Avery began playing her grandfather’s upright piano, which she has mastered over the years. Along the way, she’s […]

Jasmin Singer: Compassion Unlocks IdentityJasmin

By Jane Lai “If we don’t question our assumptions, we won’t be able to grow,” said Jasmin Singer. A writer, feminist, and activist, Jasmin is the senior editor of VegNews Magazine as well as the co-host of Our Hen House, an award-winning podcast that works to mainstream the movement to end animal exploitation, which she […]

Rob Van Varick: The Positive Effects of Design on IdentityRob Van Varick

By Katalin Gyurián Toth What comes to mind when you think of a wheelchair? Limitation? Disability? Aging? Lack of independence? Yet the wheelchair is accepted as an as-is solution—no one questions its design nor the universal symbol that it’s become. As a partner at Michael Graves Architecture and Design, Rob Van Varick believes that design […]

Alexandra Lewis: Bringing Peace, Love and Equality Through PoetryAlexandra

By Vera Boateng Many parents try to shield their children from the harsh realities of the world that appear on the news. But in today’s age, with the prevalence of social media, there’s no way hide from the headlines, videos, and images of negativity in the world. And for some, those incidents happen right in […]

Jenan Matari: Embracing Your Identity

By Tommy Chung Jenan Matari is like a walking oxymoron. A 25-year-old Muslim feminist, Jenan knows that people hear those two terms and think they contradict each other. But they’re part of her identity and what makes her unique. She helps break down those stereotypes and misconceptions through media. Jenan is the co-founder and editor-in-chief […]

Mary Rawlinson Combines Art and Business at TEDx

Putting on a TEDx conference is a big task. For the fifth straight year, TEDxNavesink is bringing ideas worth spreading to Monmouth County. In this monthly series, we introduce you to the people who organize one of the largest independently organized TED conferences. Have you ever been mesmerized by an inspiring TED talk? While most […]

Exploring a Virtual Identity in New Jerseyvirtual identity

By Lindsey Konkel What if you could experience life in early America, embody a different gender or race, or even swim through the polluted sea like a fish? How would these encounters change the way you thought about yourself, our history, or the world around you? These are the enticing possibilities of virtual reality. The […]

Forget Jaws! The World Can Thank New Jersey for its Shark ObsessionNew Jersey Shark Attacks

By Katalin Gyurián Toth Where did our fear of sharks come from? Jaws, Sharknado, Deep Blue Sea, and the cult following of Shark Week documentaries are evidence of our shark obsession. Some people believe our fear of sharks began with Steven Spielberg’s 1975 movie Jaws (based on Peter Benchley’s 1974 book of the same name). […]

First Women’s Weightlifting Champ Reflects on Shattering StereotypesKaryn Marshall

By Lindsey Konkel Karyn Marshall felt immense pride watching American women compete and win a medal in weightlifting at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. While men’s weightlifting has been an Olympic staple since the start of the modern Games in 1896, women didn’t get a chance to compete until 2000. Marshall, who took up […]

Bell Works: Re-imaging How New Jersey Works and PlaysBell Works

Ralph Zucker can barely sit still. You’d think it’s because of nervous energy or stress. After all, he’s responsible for filling 2 million square feet of the former Bell Labs facility in Holmdel, and charged with preserving its rich legacy of innovation. But it’s not anxiety percolating through Zucker—it’s excitement. Though the building is largely […]