Warm Reading of 3 NEW Plays

Outstanding actors work with three fascinating new plays from our 1act.1idea library. These works imaginatively explore ideas  including Faustian bargains, the ironies of scientific achievement and the eternal lives of writers.

13 May  2021 | 7 – 8:30 PM

Jason Furlani

1act.1idea. Three Plays by Jason Furlani

Our debut production, featuring three 10-minute comedic plays that make you think. Includes panel discussion with Jason Furlani, director, and cast. 


1act.1idea. Open Call for Plays and Performers and more… 

In its 10th season, TEDxAsburyPark seeks short new plays and performers for its new series: 1act.1idea.

First up, casting now, we are building a company of performers and designers for future roles in our play series.
While we have received over 225 play submissions, we continue to read and select under 30 minute plays for future Zoom productions and readings.

Submit your audition, application, or your play.

Deadline: June 30

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