There’s a basic need to have passion in our lives because passion is a driving force to inspire, motivate, and ignite a life worth living. Mike Quon, the creator of TEDxAsburyPark’s logo, found his passion for TEDxAsburyPark during a chance meeting with Brian Smiga, Director of TEDxAsburyPark. The collaboration has developed into an iconic logo for the upcoming Passion Conference, which will take place on May 19, 2018 in the Paramount Theatre.  

“Working with the arrow was fun since I think that is the most recognizable worldwide icon. I love solving visual communications problems and guiding the audience to respond to imagery and design,” says Quon.

Each of Quon’s works of art is curated through inspiration that passion speaks through. But he insists that this focus should not be on the physical artwork or painting. “The magic happens when a viewer sees it,” says Quon.

Quon’s passion for art and design is a lifelong pursuit that started early in his life. “I grew up surrounded by art. When I was young, my mom said I was always making things. Always busy doing something,” says Quon.   His interest in art began to develop when he was a 13-year-old surfer. “Surfer magazines had great cartoons and I was inspired,” says Quon. His talent led him to winning a cartoon contest when he was 14.

Against his father’s original vision for his life as a doctor or dentist, Quon chose to follow his passion to pursue a career in art. However, this should have been no surprise with passionate artists in the family bloodline. Quon’s father was a Disney animator and ad agency art director.

Quon’s artwork is inspired by his family background as well as his heritage. Quon’s trip to China led him to creating his own unique Chinese Zodiac Lunar Calendar with 12 original animals.

In some way, I was updating a modern look to a 5,000 year traditional style of art,” says Quon. Inspired by all the things he saw in his culture Quon developed his own signature brush stroke style that he became known for in the advertising, design, and art world.

Knowing that people will see and respond to a piece of art that he has created makes him feel energized and terrified simultaneously. “I love what I do and creating something unique and different, where moments ago it did not exist,” says Quon.

Quon’s advice for gaining more passion in our lives, “Own your uniqueness and accept who you are, with your special talents, gifts, and limitations. Connect again with what you love doing, and even look back at what you loved to do when you were a child.”

Coming together with like-minded people will also ignite passion because passion is contagious. Join us on January 18, 2018 for a LIVE Audition to listen to the passionate folks who live in our area. Entertain your senses daily to the sights, sounds, and feelings of the passion that is all around us by following our Facebook, Instagram, and Blog. Inspiring you is inspiring us to make the TEDxAsburyPark PASSION Conference better than ever. Get your tickets today here.

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