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Empowering the Mind


“To measure is to know” – Lord Kelvin

What happens when we measure our emotions? Alex is passionate about the human brain and how we can empower our minds and change the ways in which humans interact with computers. There are 21 emotions for which there are no english words.  How do we know exactly how we are feeling? In order to answer this question, we must take a deep dive into the brain. In science, one of the most effective ways to get inside the mind is via a brain scan called EEG (Electroencephalogram). This method captures the electrical activity produced by neurons. The result consists of thousands of numbers per second. What can such a mysterious and unfamiliar sequence of numbers tell us about our feelings? How can we navigate the complexities of the abstract mind and understand what makes us human? Let’s explore how we can use technology to measure emotions and use this information to learn more about ourselves.

Alex is a co-founder at Neurosity, a Developer Expert at Google, and formerly a Software Engineer at Netflix. He is passionate about the human brain and how we can use technology to understand it better. He, along with co-founder AJ Keller, founded Neurosity on the belief we can empower the mind and change how humans interact with computers.

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