Felipe Rose

Felipe Rose  Asbury Park, NJ

Going Back To My Roots – A Tale of Self Discovery

When the identity and iconic brand that Felipe built in the entertainment industry over four decades was stripped away, copied and replaced,chaos ensued.  Rediscovering everything he was and translating it into the present moment and walking in a new skin was his response. Felipe lost it all, and in taking stock and redefining himself, has taken his power back.

An original member of the Village People, Felipe Rose grew up in the ghettos of Brooklyn and in the 1970s out of the urban gay clubs and discotheques of New York City. He’s best known as a singer-dancer inspired by his bi-racial upbringing; his mother is Puerto Rican and his father a Native American Indian. At age 19, he became an original member of Village People. Throughout his career, he’s expressed himself through music, visual artistry, motivational empowerment, and a contagious confidence and mantra he shares, “Be the Chief of your tribe.”  In 2017, after years of a chaotic legal battle, Felipe reinvented himself again!

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