Kolton Andrus San Jose, CA

Engineering for Chaos: Preparing for Disaster

Society is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. What happens when those systems fail? Chaos Engineering is a new software discipline dedicated to answering this question and preventing that failure from occurring. Chaos engineering is how some of the leading companies in the world build resilient systems and reliable software. In today’s world, where nearly every business is an online business; where more and more critical services are coming online each day, we need a way to better understand how these systems behave under stress.


Kolton is co-founder and CEO of Gremlin, a Chaos Engineering firm.Previously he was a Chaos Engineer at Netflix, improving streaming reliability and operating the Edge services. He designed and built F.I.T., Netflix’s failure injection service. Prior to that, he improved the performance and reliability of the Amazon Retail website. At both companies, he has served as a ‘Call Leader,’ managing the resolution of company-wide incidents.

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