By Jane Lai

There is no doubt gender has been a hot topic of discussion—in the media, politics, and education—which has inevitably infiltrated everyday conversations. But what actually is gender? And what are the facets that compose the intricate identities of the spectrum?

Jean Malpas, a psychotherapist, explores these questions in his work with transgender kids and their families. Jean is the director of the Gender Family Project at the Ackerman Institute.

jean malpas

Jean Malpas

Jean’s work was featured in a recent article in National Geographic: How Science is Helping Us Understand Gender.  He’ll also be interviewed by Katie Couric on the special Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric, Monday, Feb. 6 on the National Geographic channel.

Jean will be one of the speakers at TEDxNavesink IDENTITY on May 20 at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park. Jean will discuss how transgender children are pushing the gender revolution to its tipping point.

Jean aims to open up the fragile binary so kids feel welcome discussing how they feel comfortable in their bodies. The Gender Family Project also provides mental health services for young people who identify on the vast gender spectrum.

To hear Jean discuss this pertinent issue of gender, get your tickets to TEDxNavesink IDENTITY. For a limited time, use the promo code TEDXLUV17 for $14 off tickets.

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