Krishna Patel Westport, CT

End Slavery with Transparent Supply Chains

There are more people enslaved now than at any other time in human history. Criminal profits are conservatively estimated to be $150 billion dollars per year, making it the second most lucrative crime world-wide.

Our own consumption patterns are directly linked to the ubiquity of modern slavery in the world. Slavery exists in the supply chains from everything including the electronics we use, the garments we wear, the coffee we drink, and the chocolate and seafood we eat.

The technology sector is rife with slavery but technological resources could enable an increase in transparency and accountability of global supply chains.

Krishna Patel is an active strategist on initiatives to combat contemporary slavery on global, national and local level. She also served as a federal prosecutor for 16 years. In a distinguished legal career spanning over two decades, Krishna currently serves as the Justice Initiative Director at Grace Farms Foundation. She also spearheaded the formation of, and is President of,, a non-profit working to raise public awareness and advocacy to support transparency in global supply chains, and is an active strategist, combating all forms of human trafficking globally, nationally and locally. Ms. Patel served as a federal prosecutor, where she worked on significant cases pursuing justice for victims of human rights abuses, for 16 years in NY and CT where she also served as the Deputy Chief of National Security and Major Crimes. Krishna started her career with Winston & Strawn and clerked for the Honorable Alan H. Nevas of the USDC-CT.

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