Fox Beyer Chatham, NJ

Win Anyway

No two steps Fox has ever taken have been the same, and his balance is at times so fickle that he can find himself face first on the ground at any moment. Cerebral Palsy. Fox’s chaos.

However, has he been teaching and coaching for the past 15 years? Will he be standing in front of our TEDxAsburyPark audience on May 18th (Lord willing)?  You bet.

Chaos is an inevitable part of our everyday lives. Using perspective as a weapon against it can be a powerful tool. So stand up to your mayhem. So punch it in the mouth. And Perspective As A Weapon.

A classroom teacher at Whippany Park High School since 2005, Fox Beyer has spent the last 12 years as the bench coach for the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB). After publishing a book of poetry in 2015, he has dedicated much of his time to conveying the challenges of Cerebral Palsy through writing, speaking, and his “What’s Your Inspiration” podcast.

To read and hear an interview with Fox, CLICK HERE.

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Instagram: @foxbeyer


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