Ganes Kesari Monmouth Junction, NJ

Saving our Planet’s Biodiversity with AI

The global environmental crisis and rapid depletion of our flora and fauna have triggered Earth’s sixth mass extinction. Pushed to the brink of disaster, our natural world is in total chaos. As we scramble for solutions, Artificial Intelligence has shown up as an unlikely savior.

AI is busy at work saving our world, paradoxically, from our own hands. Starting with a simple explanation of the technology, this talk will showcase the revolutionary work being done using AI to save the endangered species in our forests and oceans. Along with a future outlook, we’ll see how everyone can contribute.

Ganes is the co-founder of Gramener, a data science company that uses AI to tell stories from data. As the head of Analytics and Innovation, he advises hundreds of leading enterprises around the world on data-driven leadership and the adoption of analytics for business benefits. He works with NGOs to lay out an AI roadmap, and help them leverage data science for their conservation and community efforts.

Ganes is a passionate writer and speaker, on an endeavor to simplify data science and help everyone understand its true potential. His articles have a wide following and he’s recognized as a top writer in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ on Medium. He frequently speaks in conferences and conducts corporate workshops on AI, Data Visualization and Leadership. A nature lover, when off the grid, he can be found camping and hiking.

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