Jordan Modell Asbury Park, NJ

Common Ground on Abortion – Yes Really

We live in a country in chaos. And there are few issues more chaotic and divisive than abortion. And yet after four months of traveling the deep south, Jordan realized that perhaps there is one old idea that could be repackaged that could unite both sides and save a lot of women and their companions a lot of trauma. We can solve a lot of the abortion crisis in the US before it descends into total chaos with an idea written on papyrus 3,500 years ago–and a few YouTube videos.

In 2016, Jordan saw what was happening to reproductive rights in the US and raised funds to take a four month journey to the deep south to meet with people from all sides to see what was going on firsthand. From the amazing folks at West Virginia Free to 3,000-strong anti-abortion rallies at mega churches; from women in rural Louisiana and Mississippi, Jordan heard stories that changed his life. He says “My bio really is more than what I have done; it’s who I have become.”

In a former life after getting an MBA from NYU and teaching there for 4 years, Jordan started two local businesses and founded a credit union. In his current life, he lives in Asbury Park, where he is on the parking committee, president of the homeowners association, lead on Next Door, and founder of Asbury Park Porchfest.

To read and hear an interview with Jordan, CLICK HERE.

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