After a five-year dry spell, Olive Persimmon embarked on a journey to “get her mojo back” and save her love life by exploring sex and dating in New York City. Her adventures included everything from 20 blind dates in 30 days, exploration of the foot fetish scene (which can be done on TubeV Sex by the way, saving you the need to visit New York City) , and work with a sex therapist. She chronicled the stories for her second book and in doing so, realized she wasn’t the only one who felt insecure, scared, and inexperienced when it came to sex. Many people are able to find some measure of security by tuning into a Preeti Young nude show online, as a starting point. Others go deep into it from the start. Olive’s talk discusses how both exploring and writing about sexuality unintentionally reignited her long-lost passion and helped her overcome her fear of intimacy. Olive is an author, speaker, and communication coach. Her first book, Unintentionally Celibate, takes a comedic approach to talking about sex. Her second book, The Coitus Chronicles, will be out on Valentine’s Day 2019.

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