TEDxAsburyPark 2021

TEDxAsburyPark 2021 – Let’s Joy Together

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Returning to Two River Theater this year, the TEDxAsburyPark 2021 Conference will explore JOY in Ideas – Enjoy. Rejoice. Jolly. Jovial. Pleasure. Happiness.

Eight years ago, TEDxAsburyPark was conceived to bring the local community together to explore ideas in Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED). We draw wisdom and inspiration from our inspiring and talented speakers — and from each other.

Join us for an all-day show, in three acts, featuring 20 TED talks and performances, ample opportunities for conversation and networking, and a catered reception at close. Conference will feature both an intimate live seat and an affordable livestream on location with beers.

Meet the TEDxAsburyPark 2021 JOY Speakers

TEDxAbsuryPark 2021 will bring together more than 20 individuals to discuss the idea of JOY. Join us for a day filled with performances exploring Joy as a topic surrounding food, music, hospitality, film, and more.

Learn more about the comics, entertainers, performers, and more who will take the stage.

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About TEDxAsburyPark

TEDxAsburyPark is the largest, highest-rated TEDx conference on the east coast.

Join us at our annual all-day show at The Two River Theater, Red Bank, featuring 20 TED talks, entertainment, conversations, and network reception. Become a subscriber for exclusive invitations and ideas worth spreading.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.