Meet the Dancers that will Perform during Michael Blake’s “Life is a Dance”

Michael Blake’s TEDx talk “LIFE IS A DANCE” will feature dancers Sarita Allen, Hope Clarke, David Hamilton Thomson, and Alberto del Saz as he integrates spoken word, and dance in this specially choreographed piece with the assistance of dramaturge, Netta Yerushalmy. Meet the immensely talented and experienced dancers: Sarita Allen Ms. Allen is a world-renowned […]

Classical and Contemporary Dancers Spotlighted in Lauren Cox’s ‘Passion’ Talk

Lauren Cox’s TEDx talk “A Spark of Passion that Shaped a Lifetime” will include dancers Gabriella Sibeko, Dana Wiener and Tyrone Bevans as she integrates spoken word, music and dance in this special choreographed piece. We’ve told you about Lauren, now let’s tell you about this talented company she brings with her. Gabriella Sibeko (Montreal, Canada) […]

Michael Zapcic Will Speak At Passion In May

“A Passion For Pop Culture.” Michael Zapcic reveals his “secret origins” as a comic book nerd and pop culture lover. His childhood fascination with classic stories of right and wrong, good vs. evil, all set against a four-color backdrop, has evolved into a life and career of amazing stories and uncanny adventures. His lifelong devotion […]

Lauren Cox: A Passionate Family Story In Word And Dance

“It is the tragic story of my grandparents, Elsa & Eugene, and how their passion for one another challenged the status quo and shaped the life of my mother, and me after her…An Edelweiss has a short but bold life, it is rare and grows in the harshest environment. At 9,000 ft. it symbolizes sacrifice […]

David Harry Stewart: The Most Powerful And Written Off Generation

“We are witnessing the first generation with over 5 decades of life experience who may very well live another 50 years. Using the knowledge they’ve gained, they are able to decide what works and what doesn’t, edit out the unwanted, and double down on what they really want out of their second lives.” The world […]

Chris Powell Found Passion At The South Pole

“I’ve been a ‘spectator’ in my life,” says Chris Powell “–interested in many things but never passionate about any one thing. To my mother’s great dismay and angst, I had no clear path: I stumbled through life reacting to things as they came to me. Last month – amazingly, I found myself stumbling toward the […]

Sarah Davanzo Will Share Her Insights On Being Passionately Curious

“Passionately Curious: Radicalization Methods to Reverse the Dispassionate Zeitgeist” While we find passionate people curious, what ignites intensely passionate curiosity in people? What ignites passionate curiosity in places like Asbury Park? Why are some places magnets for the passionately curious: good and bad? In other words, can a seaside resort actually make one “curiouser?” In her […]

Michael Blake To Discuss Passion and Dance Over 50

“Dance artists over 50 years of age who have repeatedly performed at the top of their game from show to show, company to company, stage to stage, have survived on the passion of what they do and own. They have not only persevered time and convention, but they have withstood the test of time by […]

Open Rehearsal

Day: April 12, 2018 Time: 7 PM Place: Paramount Theatre Come watch speakers rehearse their talks for our upcoming ‘Passion’ Event. After the coaches share their feedback, audience members can participate in Q&A with the speakers. Doors open at 6:30 pm, event starts at 7:00 pm. Free Admission but donations appreciated to keep these events free. […]

Passionpassion theme

The Speakers from 2018 – PASSION The theme of our 6th edition of TEDxAsburyPark was PASSION – Passion drives ideas, people, and communities to action.TEDxAsburyPark discovered and curated more than 25 speakers, entertainers, and artists who shared their Passion based ideas and stories on the historic Paramount Theatre stage at our all-day event.