Sarbmeet Kanwal: Chaos to Cosmos

Sarbmeet Kanwal, PhD Holmdel, NJ Chaos to Cosmos It is natural for chaos to precede the accomplishment of a goal that is grandiose enough to demand the elevation of the human race to its next level. Our cosmic history shows that unprecedented results emerge from extraordinary determination to push through chaos to its culmination. “Those […]

Kolton Andrus: Engineering for Chaos – Preparing for DisasterKolton Andrus - TEDxAsburyPark 2019 CHAOS Speaker

Kolton Andrus San Jose, CA Engineering for Chaos: Preparing for Disaster Society is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. What happens when those systems fail? Chaos Engineering is a new software discipline dedicated to answering this question and preventing that failure from occurring. Chaos engineering is how some of the leading companies in the world build […]

Kenneth Campbell: Chaos Theory and the Beatles

Kenneth Campbell Perryville, MD Chaos Theory and the Beatles The Beatles and their generation not only shaped the political culture of the sixties, but also embodied values and ideals that inspired a revolutionary change in consciousness for decades to come. Ken’s idea is a thought experiment applying chaos theory to history and exploring the possibility […]

Cory Kahaney: The Joke That Saved My LifeCory Kahaney - TEDxAsburyPark 2019 CHAOS Speaker

Cory Kahaney New York, NY The Joke That Saved My Life   On our worst days, it is often a joke that can save us. We can sometimes remember the joke as vividly as the crisis because it marked the shift from despair to hope. Cory shows how humor is a tool anyone can use […]

Alex Castillo: Empowering the Mind

Alex Castillo Brooklyn, NY Empowering the Mind   “To measure is to know” – Lord Kelvin What happens when we measure our emotions? Alex is passionate about the human brain and how we can empower our minds and change the ways in which humans interact with computers. There are 21 emotions for which there are […]

Akilah S. Richards: Raising Free PeopleAkilah S. Richards - TEDxAsburyPark 2019 CHAOS Speaker

Akilah S. Richards Lawrenceville, GA Raising Free People We can’t keep using tools of oppression and expect to raise free people – we must examine privilege and power in our relationships with our children, the world’s most vulnerable citizens and embrace chaos in efforts to allow trust-based practices to emerge.  We can do this through […]

TEDxAsburyPark Announces Live Audition for Aspiring CHAOS SpeakersTEDxAsburyPark Announces Live Audition for Aspiring CHAOS Speakers

CHAOS: The void, the unknown, the absurd, the mess, the mystery. The only consistency is inconsistency. ASBURY PARK, N.J.—TEDxAsburyPark, one of the largest and highest-rated TEDx conferences on the East Coast, is pleased to announce the first of two Live Auditions for its 2019 event. The CHAOS Live Audition #1 will be held on November […]

TEDxAsburyPark Announces Call for Speakers for “CHAOS”TEDxAsburyPark Announces Call for Speakers for “CHAOS”

ASBURY PARK, N.J.—Oct. 2, 2018—TEDxAsburyPark, one of the largest and highest-rated TEDx conferences on the East Coast, today announced its call for speakers for its 2019 event. Themed “CHAOS,” the event will be held on May 18, 2019 at the Paramount Theatre on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Individuals interested in speaking or performing at CHAOS […]