Jordan Modell: Common Ground on Reproductive Rights? Yes. ReallyJordan Modell, reproductive rights, Next Door, Porchfest

Jordan Modell and TEDxAsburyPark co-host Ben Freeberg talk about “Common Ground on Reproductive Rights? Yes. Really”, which will be presented at TEDxAsburyPark on May 18, 2019   Ben Freeberg: Hello, everyone. This is Expert Open Radio. I am Ben Freeberg, and I’ll be a co-host of the 2019 TEDxAsburyPark conference. Today, we are here with Jordan […]

Tara Geraghty: Choosing Fun in the Chaos of CancerTara Geraghty, Making Cancer Fun, I’m a Miracle Kid, From Living to Being, The Rock Star Calendar, The Grateful Connection Course

Tara Geraghty and TEDxAsburyPark host Ben Freeberg talk about “Choosing Fun in the Chaos of Cancer,” which will be presented at TEDxAsburyPark on May 18, 2019   Ben Freeberg: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Expert Open Radio.  I am Ben Freeberg and we are the hosts of TEDxAsburyPark. Today we are here with expert speaker, […]

Matt Cook: Matt’s music

Listen to Matt Cook perform some of his songs: Matt Cook and TEDxAsburyPark volunteer Evie Task talk about Matt’s music,  some of which he will perform at TEDxAsburyPark on May 18, 2019. Evie Task: Welcome. This is Expert Open Radio. My name is Evie Task, and I’m a volunteer for TEDxAsburyPark. Today we’re here with Matt […]

5 Motivational TEDx Talks to Help You Conquer Your GoalsBig Goals Start with Small Steps

The CHAOS that ensues from entering a new year often serves as a catalyst for people to embark on new journeys and expectations for themselves. Setting goals via New Year’s resolutions is easy; staying consistent throughout the year is the real struggle. If you feel disappointed in your current progress and have fallen off the […]

TEDxAsburyPark Second Live Audition Review on January 31, 2019TEDxAsburyPark speakers are positioned behind the TEDx sign, after they finished the second live audition.

On January 31, 2019, TEDxAsburyPark held their second live audition, at the Paramount Theatre on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Although the weather was below freezing, 144 people attended this audition and they raised over $500. The theme of this TEDx Audition was Chaos: the void, the unknown, the absurd, the mess, the mystery. The only […]

Fox Beyer: Perspective As A WeaponFox Beyer, teacher, author, poet, speaker

Fox Beyer and TEDxAsburyPark alumna Olive Persimmon talk about “Perspective As A Weapon”,  which will be presented at TEDxAsburyPark on May 18, 2019. Olive Persimmon: Hello, and welcome. This is Expert Open Radio, I am Olive Persimmon, a TEDxAsburyPark speaker alumna. I am here today with Fox Beyer, who is going to be a speaker […]

John Barrella: The Redef Movement and performance piece Stupid Humans

John Barrella, Jessica Totaro, and TEDxAsburyPark intern Ariel Ross talk about The Redef Movement and their performance piece Stupid Humans,  which will be presented at TEDxAsburyPark on May 18, 2019 Ariel Ross: Welcome. This is Expert Open Radio. I’m Ariel Ross and I’m an intern at TEDxAsburyPark. Today, we’re here with John Barrella and Jessica Totaro, […]

Why Write What You Can Say?MK Harby presenting to an audience with a slide behind her that reads “Halloween Hackathon: How to Hack a TED Talk”

Every now and then I get a good idea. We all do! When it happens, it is so easy to throw caution to the wind and begin rehearsing your speech right away so you can get as much rehearsal time in as possible and make an impact on your audience. One area of speech preparation […]

The CHAOS of Live Audition (What is it, exactly?)Carol Kivler speaking at Live Audition #1 on December 12th

In the midst of holiday madness, there was a planned evening full of CHAOS–the good kind. On December 12th, the magic of TEDx Asbury Park came to life during Live Audition #1. Rescheduled from a month earlier, when Mother Nature delivered an early winter to the Jersey shore, the Paramount Theatre was alive with relentless […]

Jessica Creane: Gamifying Chaos: Embracing Uncertainty Through PlayJessica Creane, artist, game designer, performer, Dr. Saoch

Jessica Creane and TEDxAsburyPark volunteer Magda Nassar talk about Gamifying Chaos: Embracing Uncertainty Through Play,  which will be presented at TEDxAsburyPark on May 18, 2019 Magda Nassar: Hello. This is Expert Open Radio, and I’m Magda Nassar, a member of the TEDxAsburyPark team of volunteers. Today, we’re here with Jessica Creane, who  is one of the […]