The Redef Movement: Performers

The Redef Movement Brielle, NJ Director: John Barrella The Redef Movement is a professional street dance company based in New Jersey under the direction of John Barrella. This company has promoted hip hop, breakdance, popping, locking, & comedy through performance and education across the tri-state area for over a decade. Their work aims to create unique experiences […]

Resistance Revival Chorus: Performers

Resistance Revival Chorus New York, NY Launched in 2017 in response to the Trump presidency, the Resistance Revival Chorus is a collective of more than 60 women who join together to breathe joy and song into the resistance, and to uplift and center women’s voices. The women range from Broadway performers, touring musicians, film and television […]

Matt Cook: Musician

Matt Cook Brick, NJ Heartfelt, melancholy and exuberant experiences contribute to the all-around uniqueness of New Jersey Shore-based indie/alternative singer/songwriter Matt Cook, who in August of 2010 entered a life-threatening diabetic coma at only 25 years old. The events inspired his 2013 record Live, Laugh, Love! Organizing a charitable campaign on PledgeMusic and generating support via […]

Tara Geraghty: Choosing Fun in the Chaos of Cancer

Tara Geraghty Monmouth County, NJ Choosing Fun in the Chaos of Cancer In the chaos of childhood cancer, laughing, while seemingly offensive, is actually an appropriate choice…and science proves it. Tara challenges the cancer conversation and embraces laughter, fun, play, and giggles on a big scale to change the cancer experience for children and their […]

Philip Bump: How Subjective Media Replaced Institutions

Philip Bump How Subjective Media Replaced Institutions Misinformation isn’t a result of social media. Social media is the accelerant that created chaos in the wake of a collapse in institutional confidence. President Trump is the highest-profile spreader of misinformation, but he embraced and stoked misinformation and misinformation systems that already existed, rather than creating the […]

Jordan Modell: Common Ground on Abortion – Yes ReallyTEDxAsburyPark

Jordan Modell Asbury Park, NJ Common Ground on Abortion – Yes Really We live in a country in chaos. And there are few issues more chaotic and divisive than abortion. And yet after four months of traveling the deep south, Jordan realized that perhaps there is one old idea that could be repackaged that could […]

John Nottingham: Getting to Wow

John Nottingham Cleveland, OH Getting to Wow Ambiguity can be frightening, but we alone among all creatures can see past it, not only to survive, but to thrive. Working with a game company once, I learned that games need three things: rules, scoring and peril. The fear of losing is what makes the game engaging. Drama […]

Jessica Creane: Gamifying Chaos: Embracing Uncertainty Through Play

Jessica Creane Philadelphia, PA Gamifying Chaos: Embracing Uncertainty Through Play In moments of chaos, games and interactive experiences can help us remain playful in the face of uncertainty. When circumstances greater than us, be it climate change, politics, love, or family, seem to render personal choices meaningless, chaos is a tool for catalyzing unexpected connections and […]

Ganes Kesari: Saving our Planet’s Biodiversity with AI

Ganes Kesari Monmouth Junction, NJ Saving our Planet’s Biodiversity with AI The global environmental crisis and rapid depletion of our flora and fauna have triggered Earth’s sixth mass extinction. Pushed to the brink of disaster, our natural world is in total chaos. As we scramble for solutions, Artificial Intelligence has shown up as an unlikely savior. […]

Fox Beyer: Perspective As A Weapon

Fox Beyer Chatham, NJ Win Anyway No two steps Fox has ever taken have been the same, and his balance is at times so fickle that he can find himself face first on the ground at any moment. Cerebral Palsy. Fox’s chaos. However, has he been teaching and coaching for the past 15 years? Will […]