Krishna PatelKrishna Patel: Complicated Chaos - Chains of the Unseen

Krishna Patel Westport, CT Complicated Chaos – Chains of the Unseen There are more people enslaved now than at any other time in human history. Criminal profits are conservatively estimated to be $150 billion dollars per year, making it the second most lucrative crime world-wide. Our own consumption patterns are directly linked to the ubiquity of […]

Courtney ReardonCourtney_Reardon: Chaos of climbing Everest

Courtney Reardon New York, NY Chaos of Climbing Everest: The Mental Journey Picture an Everest climber. Strong. Resilient. Capable. But everyone has weaknesses. And Everest will expose them! Courtney recently became the 68th American woman to summit Mount Everest and survive. Despite the challenges of climbing to 29,029 feet into The Death Zone – where the […]

Bob PflugfelderBob Pflugfelder - TEDxAsburyPark 2019 CHAOS Speaker

Bob Pflugfelder Watertown, MA Things Will Fly Through The Air: Inspiring Science Through Chaos Chaos in the classroom would normally describe a teacher’s worst day. Yet for Bob Pflugfelder, chaos has a unique side effect that makes it a powerful teaching tool both in the classroom, and on late night talk shows. “Science Bob ” Pflugfelder […]

Mike ReissMike Reiss- TEDxAsburyPark 2019 CHAOS Speaker

Mike Reiss New York, NY Secrets of The Simpsons Success The Simpsons was created in five minutes, had trouble finding writers, and was nearly canceled before it premiered. And all this contributed to making the show the longest-running series in American history.   Mike Reiss has won four Emmys and a Peabody Award during his […]

Andrew MarisAndrew Maris

Andrew Maris Fair Haven, NJ   Quantum Chaos   To scientists, “chaos” does not mean randomness. Researchers use chaos to describe situations where two nearly identical starting points lead to completely different results. Also known as the “butterfly effect,” chaos has a profound impact on our lives. It’s the reason why weather is unpredictable and […]

Ben FreebergBen Freeberg - TEDxAsburyPark 2019 CHAOS Speaker

Ben Freeberg New York, NY   How My Chaotic 2018 Turned Me Into An Adult     2018 was the year when I got diagnosed with cancer, had major changes in work, helped friends and family fight health battles, and entered into the creative writing and comedy world. That chaos has helped me to become […]

Felipe Rose

Felipe Rose  Asbury Park, NJ Going Back To My Roots – A Tale of Self Discovery When the identity and iconic brand that Felipe built in the entertainment industry over four decades was stripped away, copied and replaced,chaos ensued.  Rediscovering everything he was and translating it into the present moment and walking in a new skin […]

Sarbmeet Kanwal

Sarbmeet Kanwal, PhD Holmdel, NJ    Chaos to Cosmos   It is natural for chaos to precede the accomplishment of a goal that is grandiose enough to demand the elevation of the human race to its next level. Our cosmic history shows that unprecedented results emerge from extraordinary determination to push through chaos to its […]

Kolton AndrusKolton Andrus - TEDxAsburyPark 2019 CHAOS Speaker

Kolton Andrus San Jose, CA Engineering for Chaos: Preparing for Disaster Society is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. What happens when those systems fail? Chaos Engineering is a new software discipline dedicated to answering this question and preventing that failure from occurring. Chaos engineering is how some of the leading companies in the world build […]

Kenneth CampbellKenneth Campbell - TEDxAsburyPark 2019 CHAOS Speaker

Kenneth Campbell Perryville, MD Chaos Theory and the Beatles The Beatles and their generation not only shaped the political culture of the sixties, but also embodied values and ideals that inspired a revolutionary change in consciousness for decades to come. Ken’s idea is a thought experiment applying chaos theory to history and exploring the possibility […]