TEDxAsburyPark CHAOS

2019 Speaker Application

CHAOS: the void, the unknown, the absurd, the mess, the mystery. The only consistency is inconsistency. We’re looking for speakers to share their ideas around CHAOS via music, comedy, science, design, and beyond.

Some tips for filling out this form:

1. Please ensure that your proposed talk clearly demonstrates a bigger idea that relates to CHAOS and would be interesting to our audience. Note: We are not looking for motivational speakers or life coach type talks.

2. In order to submit a speaker application, you will need to create an account at Submittable.com. You can do that by clicking the Submit button below and following the instructions.

3. After creating your account, have a look at the submission form to see what information the submission process requires, and prepare everything, such as: description of your talk, your bio, headshot, and links to your pitch video, social media, and portfolio in a Word Doc. It helps to prepare all of the needed content before starting to fill out the form.


4. A requirement of the application is to share with us your Big Idea around our central theme CHAOS: The void, the unknown, the absurd, the mess, the mystery. TEDx talks famously have at their center one idea worth spreading. This is the central theme that makes your talk stand out and makes people want to share it and talk about it with their friends. It’s the something that’s never been said before in the way that you plan to express it. All submitters are required to briefly share their idea worth spreading within a 50-word limit.


5. Review this “must read” TEDx Speaker Guide.


6. Deadline for Submissions: Priority deadline December 15, 2018, Final Deadline January 31.


TEDxAsburyPark speakers do not receive any monetary compensation or airfare/transportation costs that a speaker may incur.


If you are accepted as a speaker at TEDxAsburyPark we will produce a broadcast quality video of your talk, making it available to you, and also under a creative commons license on the web on our site, www.tedxasburypark.com, on YouTube and other video sites, and possibly on TED.com.