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Finding the right volunteering opportunity can give you purpose and drive, provide knowledge and new skills, ignite a new passion, connect you with interesting and influential individuals, and keep you stimulated. You can better both your professional and personal self.

Would you like to Volunteer your time and services to the TEDxAsburyPark team and become a Contributor to our upcoming events? While we’re all volunteers, we are a professional, dedicated team and take our jobs seriously. We also take having fun together seriously.

Producing an event on the scale and of the quality of TEDxAsburyPark requires several thousand hours of contributor efforts from a team of 50+ people. Everyone has a specific, defined role (we’re big on responsibility), and our fantastic contributors also pitch in wherever they can if help is needed.

The “core team” leadership roles require a significant level of effort — the demand varies throughout the year, but you can expect to commit to a few hours each week until mid-winter. Then the weekly time requirement increases to 10-15 hours as the TEDxAsburyPark event approaches.

If you take on a core team role, you’ll be committing to a full year of involvement with TEDxAsburyPark, potentially for several hours each week. There are regular team meetings as well as some group meetings to attend. Many meetings are virtual. In-person meetings are generally held on a weekday evening at 6:30pm at a location near Red Bank.

If you have the drive, time, and energy to commit to our core volunteer team, or if you’d prefer to play a supporting role, we want to hear from you. Fill out the Contributor Application and let us know how you can help. The more specific you can be, the better.

Available Roles & Opportunities

Website Editor

Manage a world-class content site for a world-class TEDx event


Write and/or edit digital content in collaboration with 220 world-class thinkers

Partner Developers

Out-going evangelist to regional organizations for win-win partnerships

Web Developers

WordPress or other web experience

Graphic/Digital Designers

Digital and print designers

Project Managers

Build and improve projects and teams

Event Managers

Plan, coordinate, entertain, host, conclude community events

IT Managers

Manage software, data and teams

Print Editors

Print program and collateral for world-class TEDx.

Stage Managers

Manage theatrical productions at TwoRiverTheater.

Online Event Managers

Manage annual series of Zoom events for around 100 guests each.


Manage intern program and recruiting.


A Photo editor and curator for our 1000s of photos
Self-directed photojournalists to cover our season of evening events.


Self-directed video journalists to cover our season of evening events.
And/or video editing ability


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Although our main event will take place in 2021, we’ll be getting started in September 2020. If you have two or more hours a week to work on building our community and events, while learning and having fun, please join. Over eight years, we’ve built a fun, open-minded, and social team. Join us.

About TEDxAsburyPark

TEDxAsburyPark is the largest, highest-rated TEDx conference on the east coast.

Join us at our annual all-day show at The Two River Theater, Red Bank, featuring 20 TED talks, entertainment, conversations, and network reception. Become a subscriber for exclusive invitations and ideas worth spreading.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.