Join the TEDxAsburyPark team for CHAOS, our 7th event. While we’re all volunteers, we are a professional, dedicated team and take our jobs seriously. And we also take having fun together seriously.

Producing an event on the scale and of the quality of TEDxAsburyPark requires several thousand hours of volunteer effort from a team of 50+ people. Everyone has a specific, defined role (we’re big on responsibility). And of course, our fantastic volunteers also pitch in where and how they can if help is needed.

The “core team” leadership roles require a significant level of volunteer effort — the demand varies throughout the year, but you can expect to commit to a couple of hours each week until mid-winter. Then the weekly time requirement increases to 10-15 hours as the event approaches. 

If you take on a core team role, you’ll be committing to a full year of involvement with TEDxAsburyPark, potentially for several hours each week. There are regular monthly team meetings as well as group meetings to attend. Meetings are generally held on weekday evenings at 6:30pm at a convenient location to Asbury Park.

If you have the drive, time and energy to commit to our core volunteer team, or if you’d prefer to play a supporting role, we want to hear from you!  Fill out the Volunteer Application and let us know how you can help. The more specific you can be, the better.