Avery Rose Puryear: Sounds that InspireAvery Rose

It seems like Avery Rose Puryear was born to make music. She comes from a musical family and developed her love for the art from her father, who is a bass guitarist. At just three years old, Avery began playing her grandfather’s upright piano, which she has mastered over the years. Along the way, she’s […]

Jean Malpas: The Gender RevolutionJean

By Jane Lai Jean Malpas, a psychotherapist who works with transgender kids and their families. He says parents are bumping into novel challenges as their kids explore “gender expansiveness.” As society is becoming more welcoming of diverse gender identities, kids are becoming more vocal about gender expression. As director of the Gender Family Project and […]

Justin Kamine: More Than Food Waste

For Justin Kamine, co-founder and partner of KDC Agribusiness (Ag), he can look to his father for inspiration. Harold (Hal) Kamine is a serial entrepreneur, and Justin grew up with the mindset of continually trying to find new ideas and opportunities in which he could get involved. “My family and I take the approach for […]

TEDxNavesink is now TEDxAsburyParkAsbury Park Boardwalk

Asbury Park, N.J. (May 10, 2017) — TEDxNavesink, the largest and highest rated TEDx conference in the New York region, will change its identity to TEDxAsburyPark at its event on May 20. Fittingly, the theme of the conference, now in its fifth year, is “Identity.” Doors open at 8 a.m. with coffee, tea and snacks, […]

Patty Azzarello: Finding Success Through Unstructured Conversations

By Gabrielle Garofalo Not too many executives start their tenure by speaking one-on-one with the 100 employees they’ll lead. But that’s what Patty Azzarello did before entering a leadership role at Hewlett-Packard (HP). “The beauty of this approach is that people feel like their ideas have been honored and considered, so they are motivated to […]

One Stage, Many Ideas: Local Talent Inspires Crowd at Open Micopen mic

By Jane Lai More than 20 speakers took the stage declaring their takes on “Identity” as TEDxNavesink hosted its first Open Mic Night on Jan. 20. Held at the Paramount Theatre on the Asbury Park Boardwalk, local talent representing a diverse potluck of disciplines vied for a chance to speak at the TEDxNavesink IDENTITY conference […]

New Ideas, Fresh Voices Take Stage for Open Micopen mic

The backdrop of Asbury Park sets the tone for what TEDxNavesink Identity is all about — ideas worth spreading. For years, Asbury Park has withstood radical changes, yet has remained much the same in many ways. It stands as a symbolic and figurative bastion of hope and a consistent heartbeat of New Jersey music, business, and […]

TEDxNavesink Launches Second Life Bikes Crowdfunding CollaborationKerri Martin has a passion for getting kids on bikes. She found a collaboration at TEDxNavesink with RocketHub's Alon Hillel-Tuch that's paving a bright path into the future for Asbury Park and Second Life Bikes.

The power of innovation. The joy of discovery. The gasp of enlightenment. TEDxNavesink is about all of these things. But the centerpiece of the event is the spirit of collaboration — and the amazing things that happen when it takes place. And what exemplifies that concept better than former TEDxNavesink speakers working together to impact […]

Asbury Fresh market showcases local creatives

This summer, every Sunday from noon till 6pm Asbury Park will serve as the home of a local farmers’ market. The market is located at Kennedy Park at the corner of Cookman and Grand Avenues. Asbury Fresh is described by its creators as a “local artisan market” that will provide a venue for local farmers and artisans to sell their products, from fresh produce to handcrafted jewelry.