Justin Kamine: More Than Food Waste

For Justin Kamine, co-founder and partner of KDC Agribusiness (Ag), he can look to his father for inspiration. Harold (Hal) Kamine is a serial entrepreneur, and Justin grew up with the mindset of continually trying to find new ideas and opportunities in which he could get involved. “My family and I take the approach for […]

Jess Fong: Being a Hyphenated AmericanJess Fong

By Katalin Gyurián Toth How many of us have dealt with an existential crisis? So many of us are split between two or more versions of ourselves.  Jess Fong is an average Asian-American girl from central Jersey who is finding that maybe she doesn’t have to choose between her two cultural identities: American and Asian. Jess’s […]

17 Reasons You Can’t Miss TEDxNavesink Identity in Asbury ParkIdentity Asbury Park

TEDxNavesink IDENTITY is quickly approaching, and if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Seriously, this is one of the can’t-miss events every year in Monmouth County. Don’t believe us? Well, it’s consistently one of the highest-rated TEDx conferences in the region—and it’s one of the largest. And the fact that […]

Envisioning a New Life: Former NJ Gov. Jim McGreevey Helps Ex-Inmates Start FreshMcGreevey

By Lindsey Konkel Sometimes it’s the darkest moments that help us understand who we are and what we want to become, says Jim McGreevey. The former New Jersey governor knows a few things about the struggles of self-discovery. In 2004, he disclosed openly for the first time that he was gay amidst a high-profile controversy […]

Garden State Takes its Farms Indoorsvertical farms

New Jersey has the second-highest urban population percentage in the U.S with 94.7% of residents living in an urban area. Despite being the Garden State, New Jersey’s mostly urban environment limits access for local farm-to-table produce. However, accessibility is increasing with the rise of vertical farming, the practice of growing crops in vertical stacked layers […]

Interesting News Around New Jersey in Novemberdog reunite

The holidays are about heartwarming stories, and what’s more tear-jerking than an owner being reunited with his long-lost pet? Well, how about families finally being reunited, thanks to a United flight? Those are just a couple of interesting stories around New Jersey this month. Read them all below. Florida Man’s Missing Dog Found in NJ…3 […]

Interesting News Around New Jersey in Octobercomet

Fall is in full swing, and somehow, October just flew by. Did you even get a chance to guzzle a drink for Oktoberfest? Well, as the leaves change colors and we set our sights on Thanksgiving, here’s a look back at some fascinating New Jersey news from the past month. Proof of Comet Impact Found […]

Exploring a Virtual Identity in New Jerseyvirtual identity

By Lindsey Konkel What if you could experience life in early America, embody a different gender or race, or even swim through the polluted sea like a fish? How would these encounters change the way you thought about yourself, our history, or the world around you? These are the enticing possibilities of virtual reality. The […]

Interesting News Around New Jersey in Septemberprinceton

Summer is gone, and we’re settling into Autumn with pumpkin spice beverages, apple-picking, and raking leaves. As September closes out, here are some interesting news items around New Jersey you might have missed this past month. Play Time, Family Dinner More Important than Homework at NJ School  Good news for kids at a Woodbridge elementary […]

Bell Works: Re-imaging How New Jersey Works and PlaysBell Works

Ralph Zucker can barely sit still. You’d think it’s because of nervous energy or stress. After all, he’s responsible for filling 2 million square feet of the former Bell Labs facility in Holmdel, and charged with preserving its rich legacy of innovation. But it’s not anxiety percolating through Zucker—it’s excitement. Though the building is largely […]